Proposed Daily Horarium

Published: Thursday, 21 June 2018


06.30     Meditation, in common or in groups

07.00     Morning Prayer and Eucharist, in common or in groups

08.00     Breakfast (in the refectory)

09.00     Chapter work

               - General sessions in the Chapter hall

               - Meetings of coetus or commissions in their respective places

10.30     Break

11.00     Work resumes

12.45     End of morning work

13.00     Lunch, coffee, and rest

16.00     Midday Prayer and Chapter work in the Chapter Hall

17.30     Break

18.00     Work resumes

19.00     End of afternoon work

19.30     Evening Prayer

20.00     Supper

****        After supper: recreation or meetings ad libitum.


  • The Council of the Presidency will propose this schedule for approval by the capitulars; for this reason there may be changes.
  • The Liturgical Commission has arranged for the various celebrations (Morning and Evening Prayer, Eucharist) to take place in different ways; each week some are in common and others in language groups in 7 chapels. Each day one of these celebrations will be in common. Midday Prayer will be celebrated at the beginning of the afternoon plenary session.
  • Each friar will provide personally for his time of daily mental prayer.
  • The time after supper is given to recreation or to meetings ad libitum  among capitulars. This time can also be used for other kinds of meetings, such as of conferences or between them, etc.


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